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The Poetry Circle Nowhere is an ever growing group of young passionate writing performers who has its heart in Amsterdam, chapters in Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden and Tilburg but has the whole world as playground.




Do you know what is really crazy? That there is barely any talking about serious mental health problems while one in four people in Belgium has to deal with it every day. It doesn’t only happen to other people but also to ourselves, our children, parents, family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. The project ‚Te Gek?!‘ tries, in collaboration with the Flemish Association for Mental Health, to make psychological problems discussable and to create a proper view in society regarding people with mental health problems.



Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond presents contemporary, striking art from Flanders, with the emphasis on innovation, cross-pollination and artistic daring. De Brakke Grond feeds dialogue between genres, fields of expertise and communities with reflection, debate and discussion.

Tout logoTout Maastricht is a small, independent network-organization that aims to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in arts and culture. We do this by encouraging cultural entrepreneurship together with our network partners and facilitating and promoting cultural exchange in the city and region. With projects for cultural education, youth, community arts and the elderly we will give a boost to Maastricht and its surroundings and present it as a creative, attractive and multicultural metropolitan area.


Seit August 1993 beschreiten wir als gemeinnützige GmbH einen neuen Weg in der Jugend- und Musikförderung. Über stilistische Grenzen hinweg können Musikerinnen und Musiker mit Kollegen und Kolleginnen zusammenkommen, Erfahrungen austauschen, Kontakte knüpfen, üben und natürlich musizieren. Das MusikZentrum stellt unter Leitung des Geschäftsführers Holger Maack ein bundesweit einmaliges Projekt dar und verfügt an seinem Hauptsitz über zwei Gebäude, in denen Veranstaltungen, Seminare, Workshops, Theateraufführungen und Studioaufnahmen stattfinden. Zusätzlich werden in umgebauten, ehemaligen Luftschutzbunker über 50 Übungsräume an Bands vermietet.

 In den Räumen des MusikZentrum befinden sich zur Zeit die Geschäftsstellen der Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Rock in Niedersachsen, Das Rockbüro Hannover und die Deutsche Rockmusik Stiftung. Das MusikZentrum Hannover ist außerdem „Ökoprofit-Betrieb“. Das Ökoprofit-Programm von Region und Stadt Hannover sowie lokaler Agenda 21 gibt es seit dem Jahr 2000.

 Die MusikZentrum gemeinnützige GmbH finanziert sich aus Zuschüssen der Stadt Hannover (Fachbereich Soziales, Fachbereich Bildung und Qualifizierung), Zuwendungen von Stiftungen, durch Spenden und zum großen Teil durch Gebühren, Übungsraummieten und andere eigene Einnahmen.

 Unsere genreübergreifenden Arbeitsbereiche sind: Veranstaltungen, Probenbühne, Tonstudio, Layoutservice, Übungsräume, Musiktheater, Seminare/Unterricht/Workshops und Beratung.

 Zahlreiche Projekte und Kooperationen mit weiteren Kultureinrichtungen wurden mittlerweile mit Preisen ausgezeichnet, unter anderem mit dem „Inventio“ 2006 für musikpädagogische Innovation, dem „pro visio“ 2009 für kreative Leistungen sowie dem „Förderpreis Musikvermittlung“ 2009 und 2015.


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Since its establishment in 1994, School der Poëzie has developed into one of the Netherlands’ leading authorities in the field of poetry projects for children and young adults. SdP utilises numerous forms of literature
education and develops methods by focusing on factors including social
developments, changes in youth culture and the latest insights into
language, literature and education.

SdP’s primary aim is to give students an enjoyable and effective
introduction to poetry through stimulating cultural exchange at schools, in
theatres and through other cultural initiatives. There is a particular focus
on schools with underprivileged pupils.

Many of our activities play an important bridging function. The project
contains elements such as experienced guest teachers (specialising in
working with poetry) visiting the participating schools to teach alongside
also out-of-school elements such as the Poetry Revue. Held at a cultural
institution in the city, the Revue sees students recite their poems
interspersed with performances by professional artists, musicians and poets.
A famous presenter/MC helps ensure that the lively evening runs smoothly.
Poetry is taken out of the educational sphere and into the cultural world,
allowing students’ poetry to be approached in an adult, professional manner.
The concept of working inside and outside of schools is also beginning to
develop a modest international reputation as students, schools and cultural
institutions in other countries discover what poetry (and working with
poetry in collaboration with other parties) can mean for them.

Me and My City
Jam packed, full of bright lights and colours
Smiles and grins surround me
They hold heavy gifts in their hands
I walk on into the darkness
Stalking the wind; the breeze follows me closely
My mind lit up; thoughts of football
Noises blowing in my ears
As I look down I see you as a whole
As yellow as a wheat field
The neon lights glow like stars in the night sky
I feel lonely; silence surrounds me
A never ending moment, as time seems to stop
neon Iights leave me dreaming
thoughts of the past; thoughts of the future
things to come; things to be forgotten
my mind feels like a big sheet of paper
Parts of my timeline
Either written in ink or lead
A rubber for the mistakes
Marcello Cotumaccio, London

SdP is keen to keep pace with the rapidly-changing society by strengthening
ties with institutions and students in various countries, introducing its
working methods to an even wider audience and continuing to learn from, and
exchange expertise with other institutions. By collaborating with
institutions and schools in other European countries, SdP hopes to
contribute to strengthening cultural diversity in Europe and play a key role
in an international approach to the cultural education of young people.